Conveyor Toaster


Conveyor Toaster


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Conveyor Toaster

Mishtifnb is a leading manufacturer, importer and vendor of Conveyor toasters in India. deal in conveyor toaster. Conveyor toaster is also known as chain style toaster. Conveyor toaster is also known as rotary toaster. Conveyor toaster is available in various capacities. Conveyor toaster with a capacity of 150/ 300 pc/hr. Is available. Conveyor toaster is most suitablefor Hotels, Canteens etc. Our conveyor toastersare available at best prices in India.


Electric conveyor Toaster


Non Adjustable belt speed.

Temperature control to control the color of bread

Crumb tray collecting

Easily control




Model: ATS-150

Volts: 220V /50-60Hz


Power: 1.4KW


Method heating: Electric


Price in India:Rs 32000




Also available model with capacity 300 Pcs/ hr for Rs. 43000