Single Table Top Deep Fryer


Single Deep Fat Fryer

Single Table Top Fryer

Mishtifnb offers Single table top deep fryers in various capacities in Delhi, India.Temperature controllers; controls tank temperature.

Single tank Comes with FREE stainless steel fryer baskets with plastic handles.

FREE stainless steel lid covers and residue plates

Thermal control shuts off automatically when the heating element gets too hot

Thermal control turns back on automatically when temperature decreases

Removable stainless steel fry tank for easy cleaning

Power 2.3 Kva

Temperature control switch adjusts from 60C to 200C

Comes with “reset protecting button for overheating”

Simply press the reset button the next time you use it


name: 1-Tank electric fryer

Model: EF-81


Power: 2.5kw

Oil Capacity:5.5L

Temperature range: 50~200°C

dimensions: 290x440x310mm



name: 1-Tank electric fryer

Price: Rs 6000/-



Model: EF-88 Single Deep Fat Fryer


Power: 3.1kw

Oil Capacity:8.5L

Temperature range: 50~200°C

dimensions: 290x440x380mm


Price: Rs 9000/-








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