Mobile Can Dispenser


Thirstburst Mobile cans & bottels Insulated beverage backpack


Mishtifnb is India's leading manufacturer and vendor of Can Pack mobile beverage and Bottel dispensing back pack serves cans or bottles.Easy to carry and simple to use mobile backpack and can or bottled from exit holes on each side.Can Pack mobile insulated drink carrier has a sign insert sleeve on both sides and the back.


For plastic bottles and cans, we developed a special unique backpack. It can be quickly placed into action – just insert cans or bottles in the individually adjustable compartments and you're ready to prepared to sell.


Insulated Jacket

backPack portable drink dispenser is the perfect way to serve bottled or cans.

Measuring 22 inches high x 14 inches wide the back Pack mobile canned drink back pack.

weight up to 15 pounds when full.

This insulated thermal drink backpack can hold up to 48 bottles containers.


Mobile can backpack
mobile can backpack


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