Electric Baking Oven

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Electric Bakery Oven

Electric Baking Oven

Mishtifnb is a leading manufacturer , importer of electric Baking ovens in Delhi, India.

We are a leading manufacturer and importer of wide range of Bakery Equipment. Our product includes Dough Mixer, Baking Oven, Dough Kneader, Three Deck Oven, Two Deck Oven, Bread Slicer, Spiral Mixer and Planetry Mixer. All our products are manufactured from quality raw materials.We offer bakery ovens which are electric bakery ovens or gas bakery ovens to suit your requirement


Electric Baking Oven - Model YXD 20



Product Description

Technical Parameter:

Model: YXD-20

Voltage: 220V/3N-380V/50Hz

Power: 5.7KW

Dimensions without packing(Depth x Width x Height): 1210x750x520mm



S.No        Product                                     Price In India

1 Electric Baking Oven YXD-8C 28000

2 Electric Baking Oven YXD 10B 27000

3 Electric Baking Oven YXD-20 40000






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